Prevailing Wage Support


PrevailChoice / Trust

A GMR health and welfare trust is the most efficient way to provide all your benefits in one place. We work with your existing plans or customize the right benefits for your employees. A GMR trust account includes comprehensive prevailing wage fringe tracking with a proven annualization compliance program.

PrevailChoice / Retirement

All of GMR’s retirement plans are designed to maximize the use of prevailing wage fringe. Fringe can be used to ease year-end retirement plan testing, allow for maximum HCE contributions, fund safe harbor and profit sharing, etc. Our plans are designed to protect the Plan Sponsor, be cost effective, and are low maintenance.

PrevailChoice / Prevailing Wage Consulting

Our consulting services help contractors with second opinions on hot button targets like certified payroll reporting, the payment of prevailing wage base rate/fringe supplements, weighted overtime calculations, owner’s on certified payrolls, as well as annualization calculations.

PrevailChoice / Sub-Contractor Risk Management

GMR helps General Contractors manage their sub-contractor risk with services like certified payroll review, general contractor responsibility check lists, prevailing wage base rate/fringe supplement payment issues, sub-contractor benefit plan deposit verifications, as well as sub-contractor annualization reviews.

PrevailChoice / Craft Training

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PrevailChoice / Participants

Our trust features on demand participant account access through our custom app, our website or toll free phone number. Realtime account information starts with the basics like insurance enrollment and premium cost, fringe supplement deposits, supplemental unemployment claims, and benefit payment information. More detailed information can include balances, transaction listings, payment stubs, W-2’s, and monthly statements.

PrevailChoice / Sponsors

GMR’s primary focus is to provide and support comprehensive prevailing wage benefit services, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best, running their business. Our clients have dedicated access to extensive plan reports, secure uploads, as well as real-time account information, proprietary programming, on-site participant meetings, and proven compliance support.


PrevailChoice / Library

The GMR Library is an all-encompassing resource for everything prevailing wage. Visit our library for USDOL and NYSDOL links for prevailing wage and labor law requirements, blogs, short videos, our Prevailing Wage University webinars, and frequently asked questions.

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