Frequently Asked Questions: Answers are intended to be general in nature and apply to most accounts. Your plan parameters may differ. Please contact us with specific questions concerning your account.

General Questions

I’m a new Participant – what is a Trust?

The Health & Welfare Trust is an ERISA welfare benefits plan adopted by your Employer, designed to collect fringe supplement dollars you have earned and use those fringe supplements to pay for qualified benefits for you.

How does the Trust work?

Your Employer sends the fringe supplement dollars earned by you to the Trust. These funds are used to provide benefits. The highest priority benefits are funded first. Your Employer selects the order and amount of each of the benefits.

What happens at Trust year end?

Generally, GMR will try to fill your insurance bucket to its maximum and send any remaining funds to your retirement plan account. This is the most common plan set-up; your plan parameters may differ.

What happens at calendar year end?

You will be given options detailing how to use any remaining Trust PTO money in early December each year.

Where is my money held?

GMR Associates, Inc. does not physically hold the money in your account. The Trustee for the Plan is M&T Bank Corporation. This means that your account balance is held at M&T Bank which is subject to federal banking regulations.

What options do I have for accessing my account?

As a Participant, you have the ability to access your account using the mobile App for iOS & Android. You can also use any web browser and access your account online through our website. In addition to online access, we have a toll-free number to access your account balances and submit benefit requests.

How do I make a benefit claim?

Benefit claims can be made three ways. 1. By Phone 1-800-724-4817 x200. 2. Website Click the “Tools” menu then “PTO-Supp Requests.” 3. On the Mobile App Go to “Supp Unemp/Vacation Request.”

Will I get a W-2 from the Trust?

If you received any cash benefit payments from the Trust you will receive a W-2. Your W-2 is mailed out no later than January 31st.

Are my beneficiaries for the Trust and my retirement the same?

While you can list the same person(s) as your beneficiary for each, you must submit a separate beneficiary form for the Trust AND your retirement plan. The Trust Beneficiary form is available on the GMR website, in your online account, or in your App. The form must be printed and returned to GMR. Or call Trust Accounting to have the form mailed to you. The retirement beneficiary form is available from your Employer’s retirement plan provider. If you have a GMR retirement plan, call us to have a form mailed to you.

How do I contact GMR?

Phone: 800-724-4817
Fax: 585-426-6981

*Please note that when you call into GMR you are speaking with an employee of GMR and not a call center, we want to assure you receive expert customer service. That said, you may not get through immediately, so it is important that you leave a detailed message with a call back number and someone from our office will get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the hours of operation at GMR?

GMR is open Mon-Fri from 8:30am-5pm.


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