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GMR’s focus is to provide and support a comprehensive prevailing wage benefit plan so you as the Plan Sponsor can continue to focus on what you do best, running your business.

  • GMR helps your staff to make the deposit process accurate and timely, using a flexible, secure upload system customized to your needs.
  • You can count on GMR to invest the time it takes to make your employees comfortable with your new plan, helping them fully leverage the plan to their benefit.
  • A dedicated Trust Accounting team works each day to ensure accurate deposit and benefit payment processing, specific to your plan.
  • Extensive standard reporting with each deposit or payment transaction are available to every Plan Sponsor, including deposit reconciliation reports, benefit payment reports, and available balances.
  • Proprietary in-house programming gives GMR the control to adapt quickly to changes in your benefit needs.


  • A dedicated staff is available Monday through Friday to assist participants with questions.
  • GMR also offers a state-of-the-art smartphone / tablet app. Available for both Apple and Android, the app provides real time access to participant trust accounts.
  • The app is comprehensive, with instant updates to things like bucket balances, individual enrollments, statements including weekly reporting, transaction logs, check stubs, W-2’s, and many online forms. Reporting capabilities are also available on the GMR website.
  • Making benefit claims is turnkey and suited to every style of participant – online, via the app, or through an 800 telephone number.
  • GMR offers Employee education meetings as needed, including at the initial enrollment and subsequent refresher meetings as needed. Helping participants maximize their trust account is key objective for GMR.
  • GMR stays in tune with Employer and Participant needs, constantly making upgrades to the system to accommodate needs.


When you choose GMR to manage your prevailing wage benefit plan you’ll work with your benefit consultant as your main contact. Your benefit consultant will manage the entire on boarding process for you. Your benefit consultant will review your current benefit offerings, work with you to optimize your health and welfare trust design and administrative practices, then lead a series of in house meetings and conference calls to manage the implementation process against a mutually-agreeable timeline. The implementation process includes communicating with the prior administrator (if applicable) while coordinating with GMR team members to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. We strive to make the process easy, taking on the full burden of communication and project management. While there are many approaches we can use to convert your plan, a typical process is shown below.


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